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LX01 Snap Hook Stamping Steel. MBL: 22kn
LX02 Rebar Snap Hook Forged Steel. MBL: 22kn
LX03 Carabiner / Screw Gate Alloy Steel. MBL: 22kn
LX04 Snap Hook Forged Steel. MBL: 22kn
LX05 Snap Hook Aluminium Alloy MBL: 27kn
LX06 Pipeform Anchor Stainless Steel Wire Size: 2” / 3” / 4” MBL: 27kn
LX07 Carabiner / Twist Lock Alloy Steel MBL: 35kn
LX08 Carabiner / Triple Lock Aluminuim Alloy MBL: 25kn
LX09 Rope Grab / 20MM EYE Stamping Steel 16MM Nylon Rope
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