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  • 6-CAMERA PREMIUM WG - Art.No. 1900 224000 – WE

6-CAMERA PREMIUM WG - Art.No. 1900 224000 – WE


  • Brand: Wurth
  • Product Code: 6-CAMERA PREMIUM WG - Art.No. 1900 224000 – WE
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• The System is made up of the following parts: -

Optical detector (heads) positioned on the side

of the vehicle, - A target with reduced dimensions

is applied on every wheel - A console with a PC

dedicated to the NewDimension software for the

alignment diagnosis.

• Every head contains a personal computer Intel

Atom Dual Core; it receives the images from 5

CCD cameras, definition 5Mpixel; the heads

are connected with the system console through

a wired Ethernet network or as optional wireless

through WiFi.

• It does not require the use of the compensation

for the measure, with special clamps (for example Mercedes) the measure is immediate.

• The compensation is anyway recommended

when the flatness of the rim is not guaranteed.

• The operation is carried out on all 4 wheels at

the same time in less than 30” (rotation 90°).

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